Easy Fraud Prevention with Chargeback Monitoring and Analytics

Product facts

Processing Partners opens a new transparency level for its payment processing and related fraud management through a new Chargeback Monitoring and Analysis tool.

The new tool includes the processing of payment related chargeback data and monitoring functions regarding the dispute management. These search and view functions detect individual chargeback data and retrieve related monitoring information. Analytics functions increase and enrich the dispute information providing individual chargeback ratio figures and standardized industry benchmarks.

These ratio algorithms can be configured individually for calculation and time frames. And the top ratio figures can be spotted for controlling and steering activities escalating and solving exceeding dispute quotes.

One interface - all connections

  • open your world of financial institutes and payment service providers connected by one single interface
  • process your payments with only one configuration


  • search and view payment and dispute information on an individual level e.g. by timestamp, reason code or status
  • retrieve automatic analysis reports of debits and related payment disruptions for risk control
  • search, view and follow standardized industry CTR (Chargeback to Transaction Ratio) definitions

Reliable, trustworthy processing

  • meet PCI compliance more easily
  • avoid PCI audit and revision expenses, fines and penalty costs
  • detect and control upcoming business risks through dispute and fraud
  • integrate new payment processing institutes and fraud management services within 48 hours
  • secure processing workflows audited for PCI/DSS

Your Benefits

  • Meet scheme rules and regulations regarding fraud threshold and ratio figures
  • Detect and spot fraud effectively, address it to your merchants and control your business objectives easily
  • Detect fast open business risks and react consequently to the detailed information level
  • Detect gaps in your business model and fix them instantly
  • Control all detailed chargeback and fraud data, like reason codes or time lines


Chargeback Processing

View processed and generated chargebacks and fraud data related to payment transactions

Filter Functions

Use different standardized and individual filter functions to dig in the dispute data, supported by sophisticated search and review options

Drill Down

Implement the individual slicing and dicing feature to detect normal and exceeding chargebacks and fraud figures aggregated in data warehouse cubes. Include individual thresholds and ratio figures

Export Reporting

Use standard and individual reports for mutual and comprehensive system integration

Several Different Entity Levels

Control and steer your very individual chargeback monitoring separately and combine it with several different entity levels

Industry Standard Benchmarking

Complete your monitoring and analytics functions by standardized industry benchmarks comparing and marking figures exceeding the general thresholds

Audit Proof User Roles

Processing Partners system support audit proof user roles working on the payment and related chargeback data and analytics

risk check procedure

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